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What Shall Happen To A Girl’s Dreams?

What Shall Happen To A Girl’s Dreams?  In one of the assignments to children, they were asked to express their personal journey and what they want to do in life. They also identified children between 6 – 10… Read More

New Thinking Trial At Village Level

New Thinking Trial At Village Level Dr. Sarwar Khan and Pritesh Ranjan Rajul, a teacher interacted with over 100 children of PRAYOG, Gopalganj on December 29th. Both of them very effectively used the platform and created enthusiasm amongst… Read More

Are Schools Necessary?

Are Schools Necessary? I visit PRAYOG in Gopalganj every month to interact with children, add up the stock of library’s resources, give them tasks to complete. Since June 2013, PRAYOG has been creating ripples in the relationships with… Read More

Pictures Of Passion

Pictures Of Passion Children have indispensable hunger to learn ‘creative art’. And one of the 6 students who recently participated in a SPIC MACAY event at Parivartan in Siwan proves the statement.What surmises me is that these children… Read More


Trial Of VIREDU This is a video shot on Nov.03, 2013 at Dhibra village. We tested the internet connection and fortunately tata photon + worked well. Before the start of VIREDU on November 14th, we wanted to ensure… Read More

Launch Of VIREDU

Launch Of VIREDU Prayog is moving ahead with virtual education (VIREDU). The library initiative in Gopalganj district of Bihar which we started in June 2013 has proved to be an efficient platform for our interaction with the children…. Read More

Some Personal Experiences With PRAYOG

Some Personal Experiences With PRAYOG The enthusiasm for ‘Prayog’ is growing with geometric progression in my life. Many things have changed in the past 6 months. Prayog is in existence for past 3 months only and it is… Read More

We Hit Consecutive Centuries On Debut Of ‘Night Classes’ : Numbers Do Matter!

We Hit Consecutive Centuries On Debut Of ‘Night Classes’ : Numbers Do Matter! PRAYOG has been making efforts to engage children in all activities with a passion. Last month, we announced for 2 sessions of night classes whereby… Read More

Letters to Teachers

Letters to Teachers Teachers have always played a significant role in shaping every individual’s life. Please click the link below to see what students at PRAYOG’s catchment area of 6 Government schools have to say about their teachers:… Read More

Mere Sapno ki Duniya (The world of my dreams)

Mere Sapno ki Duniya (The world of my dreams)    Dreams are the means to fulfill desires of one’s life, the socio-politico construct that surrounds an individual. It is the ‘dream’ that has inspired men to achieve something… Read More