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Launch Of VIREDU

Launch Of VIREDU

Prayog is moving ahead with virtual education (VIREDU). The library initiative in Gopalganj district of Bihar which we started in June 2013 has proved to be an efficient platform for our interaction with the children. The membership has risen to around 150 children in a period of 4 months only.

We tried with virtual education there but due to no/extremely slow internet connectivity, the idea was dropped. Hence came the idea of showing videos to them. And three videos were shown, one about the planet earth by Anupam Anand based in US, second on personal aspirations by Abhishek Kumar based in Mumbai and third on English grammar by Pradeep Kumar based in Germany. The children’s response raised our thirst to show more such motivational/educational videos and respond to their set of questions. The questions showed us their observation skills. Amongst one such questions, a student raised her interest to know more about the universe and everyone requested to show them a video on the universe. They wanted to know what exactly led to the tragic incidence of Kalpana Chawla’s space expedition. And many more!

In the age of internet, these questions are of less relevance to students who have the access. But for those who are in villages, how do they get these answers. They have their questions, but answers are left behind and hence they move on, leaving behind a set of interesting, thought provoking queries.

Prayog aims to be an interface whereby all such queries on languages, science, social science, mathematics, general knowledge, ethics etc be solved. The students in villages should not wait long enough to get their responses.

I am sure many of us have a rural background. For some simple questions, it took almost 10-15 years to know the correct answers while our urban counterparts knew it from the beginning as they had a better access to resources. Eg. one of the students from Prayog, Brijesh Kumar who participated in a recent SPIC MACAY event discovered that he was extremely well in singing. Another student discovered that he was excellent in painting. If we compare their newly found talent, their urban counterparts have art and crafts competitions, singing classes, extra curricular classes to identify the hidden talents at a much younger age.

Prayog is hence starting with VIREDU program at Dhibra village near Patna through internet based platform from November 14th onwards. The Gopalganj initiative will continue through recorded video based educational packages from people like Pradeep, Anupam, Rajeev, Abhishek and many more. And ofcourse, all these sessions will be facilitated by Surya Prakash in actual.

An appeal to all the readers: Support us in whatever way you can. Provide second hand computers, projector etc or donate them. Participate in this initiative through preparing your own teaching videos, donate books, support through minimal financial help. This is just an appeal. If you can’t, no issues. Help in spreading this initiative to your friends.

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