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Youth Exposure Trip To West Bengal And Bhutan

Youth Exposure Trip To West Bengal And Bhutan

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As a part of activities, 6 boys and 6 girls were selected as ‘young fellows’ based on the surveys they conducted for education status of children under age 10 in their villages. They also developed a report on this.

These are the children who have also taken the responsibility of nurturing their friends of lesser age, in particular those who have a tendency to leave educational aspirations viz. children of labourers, marginal farmers etc. who have no one to teach at home.

During Mar 29th to Apr 02nd, 11 of these fellows, 2 teachers and a youth volunteer visited West Bengal. We were hosted by a local NGO at Jalpaiguri – Centre for Development of Human Initiatives (CDHI). Children had many wonderful and bitter experiences. Majority of them had not travelled outside their villages and were seeing most of the things for the first time in their life, be it the hills, tea plantations, paddy crop during this period and after all it was also their first  international visit – to Bhutan.

They interacted with child labourers at the Child labour school in Chamurchi, adjoining Bhutan border. They also got a chance to see the factory processing of tea leaves to tea production.

In Buxa tiger reserve, children were impressed by the beautiful nature but were sad to learn the tyrannies of local people of 13 villages and their hardships to sustain life. They did group works and have developed stories on the following themes:

  • nature
  • people and housing
  • livelihoods
  • education

We, at PRAYOG believe that children need to see this world and understand good and bad through personal experiences. This is a way to work towards developing a cadre of motivated youth who understand their role of being socially responsible.

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