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About Us

Professionals Alliance for Youths Growth or PRAYOG is a Not For Profit organization and a Registered Public Charitable Trust under The Indian Trusts Act of 1882. PRAYOG is a library-based initiative that focuses on promoting a culture of reading among children by establishing and running libraries in Government schools and community sites in the Kuchaikote block of Gopalganj district, Bihar. The organization's mission is to ensure that every child has access to diverse children's literature, understands the text and illustrations, and experiences the joy of reading. Through our structured library session approach, PRAYOG caters to diverse needs during childhood. These interventions in schools and community sites are managed through 2 hubs, one in the eastern part of the Block headquarters and the other in the western part. These schools are as far as 45 km from the district headquarters, with difficulties in reaching out, and most of these schools are hard to reach for the education administration.

PRAYOG's core activities today involve establishing, engaging, and operating libraries in Government schools and community sites, providing children with access to diverse children's literature, and fostering a culture and love of reading among them.  Our work not only benefits children directly but also influences other like-minded organizations and government initiatives in their efforts to engage with children through books and libraries, ensuring access to a diverse collection of books in a library set up in government schools (which currently lack even the basic infra aspects in schools).

Our work has been highly appreciated by the District’s Education Department and District Administration. Even outside the district, PRAYOG's work has been accepted. For example we supported Purnea District Collector in his drive to activate panchayat libraries in the district. Other districts are also asking for support. Recently,  we conducted training with Jeevika for their library cadre at the State level.