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Exposure Visits

New experiences shape and form us in multitude of different ways. Our daily interactions with the world around us teaches us something new. It is with that idea that PRAYOG tries to expose the children to different kinds of new atmospheres. Be it by taking them to another place or by bringing in someone from another place, we try to give the children different kind of experiences.

The children have been exposed to different environments with the intention that their interactions with the new environment sparks their curiosity and they are invigorated. By taking the children to other parts of the country, they also witness and learn the difficulties and challenges of other people. This is one of the ways we work towards developing a cadre of motivated youth who understand their role of being socially responsible.

Since the inception of PRAYOG, we have conducted 4 exposure visits to different places. You can learn about them by clicking on the photographs below.

For more pictures of the exposure visits, please visit the Gallery.