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Classroom Libraries

Our school library program has been in operation with the dedication to our vision of enabling the access to diverse children’s literature and nurturing a love for reading amongst children. We believe that each child has their own unique way of comprehending and connecting with books, whether it be through captivating illustrations, vivid language, or engaging storytelling. By actively engaging through our thoughtfully planned library sessions, we strive to empower children to read, comprehend, and explore the world of stories. These engagement sessions cultivate an open, inclusive, and secure environment with a desire to enrich the learning journey of our young learners.


We have extended our reach to engage with children of class 1 to 5, encompassing a total of 25 Government schools. In the first quarter of 2023, we expanded our program by including seven additional schools, augmenting our initial list of 18. Over 80% of these schools are situated in geographically remote areas, flood affected areas or are specifically located in the vicinity of vulnerable caste groups.

Govt School Classroom Library Session in action
School Library Session in action

We directly engage with approximately 4,500 children on a weekly basis across these 25 schools. Our structured library sessions are conducted during regular school hours, to ensure active participation of children. We collaborate closely with the school headmasters and teachers to take ahead this library engagement. 


Our effort is to strive to keep libraries operational in schools. For that we proactively engage with the school HMs, teachers and children to create a vibrant library space in the schools.