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Dreams do turn out to be true

One should always dream
One should always welcome failures, they are just to make you better
One should always keep the dream close to one’s heart
Dreams are beautiful. They are the best friends when you know that not many would help you overcome a crisis. They help you emerge as a better person because you get a confidence that anything can be done and that there is nothing in this world that can deter you from achieving your goals. Children are core to all our works but it is also glad to know that our ‘change makers’ also have witnessed significant changes in their life because of the work that Prayog has done.
Ramesh, a young guy in his mid – twenties, was our second team member from the village and joined us in 2015. Like many youths of the village, he too was involved in farming in his fields. He was a Graduate but unfortunately attended college only during exams. It was more because to attend his classes, he would have to spend a fare of Rs.50 daily and it would have burdened the family further (unlike what outsiders think, this is true for a majority of rural youth – not attending college because of the travel cost). When Ramesh joined us, he was raw and was like an angry young mam, often challenging the system and pointing flaws that he could see. We always feared that he would fight with anyone if things are not going right. And this is not Prayog’s approach to work. Well, as time passed by and with several interactive sessions, Ramesh’ anger was gone and he emerged as a much sensitive guy. He worked with out interventions on digital education and community library and contributed a lot. A sincere person to the core!
Ramesh, observing the ongoing tablet session at our community site
Like all good things come to an end, it was Ramesh’s last day at Prayog today. I could not realize contribution of Prayog in his life until he spoke out his heart. Changes in his personal life, his calm nature now, his readiness to face any crisis situation are just a few to mention; he could also register for a professional course through his small earning from Prayog. And the relief in his face while saying that “because of Prayog, he has emerged as an independent person”. Well done young man, we are proud of you and contribution through your works and wish you all the best in life! 
It is such a nice feeling that our initiative is not only bringing change in the children but also bringing ‘smiles’ into the life of all those young colleagues, who are born and brought up in the surrounding  villages and they are seeing life beyond what they had imagined. This is why we believe in ‘Flight of the Dreams’. 

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  1. Way to go !! Surya .. Really proud of you and your team for all efforts you have been putting in PRAYOG.Hope to see you do better each time.

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