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On November 14th, PRAYOG launched VIREDU (Virtual Education) at Dhibra village in Danapur block of Patna district and 27 students participated in the event. Apart from these, there were some elderly from the village who were curiously looking at the overall process.

Since it was Children’s day, one of the letters of Pandit Nehru was conveyed to them. Everyone then introduced by forming a pair and introducing each other. Their daily routine was also mapped along with their likes and scope of improvement in the education system.

Children above Class V also worked on completing a broken story. Towards the end, it was decided that there shall be a weekend class whereby they will interact with volunteers available online and seek help for all the problems in their studies.

Who shall take the snap?

A clip of alphablocks for kids
Discussion from Germany and India, simultaneously through Google Hangout!
Children’s likes in their education system and scopes of improvement
Gudiya introducing herself
Working on the ‘broken stories’
Paro, sharing her version of the ‘broken story’

Pradeep, discussing the need of VIREDU
All eyes on Live Interaction with fellow villager from Germany!
The gadgets: a laptop, data card (thanks to the TATAs), projector, speakers and an inverter
The multipurpose wall!


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