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Mere Sapno ki Duniya (The world of my dreams)

Mere Sapno ki Duniya

(The world of my dreams) 

Dreams are the means to fulfill desires of one’s life, the socio-politico construct that surrounds an individual. It is the ‘dream’ that has inspired men to achieve something ‘other than’ ordinary and improved their life since ages.
Pankaj belongs to a dalit family, his father being a daily wage earner and mother is a cook with the mid-day meal program in the neighbouring Government middle school at Semra (a remote village in Gopalganj, 24 kms away from the district headquarter). There was huge resistance when people got to know that a dalit woman would be cooking meals for their children, but the matter was solved only when the headmistress, who was from upper caste,  convinced them and ate the food first.
As every child does, Pankaj dreams as well and dreams a lot. The articulation of his desires and belongingness to the community is quite a significant reflection. Though, there are so many children like Pankaj who dream but lose the courage and passion to fulfill them, or even give it a try. They drop-out from the formal education system and move out to become the bread earner for their family and themselves. They kill their own desires.
Let us see what Pankaj tells us about his dreams and pledge to ensure that we help him fulfill his dreams. PRAYOG stands by him and he is one of the recepients of solar study lamp and amongst the 5 children selected for a week long exposure visit.

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  1. This is indeed superb! I wish we can togther make a world where dreams DO come true, you have started on that work, good luck dear!

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