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Rural Immersion for Rural Youth

Rural Immersion for Rural Youth

With the efforts from our mentor, Prof. Rajeshwar Mishra (ex-professor, AN Sinha Institute of Social Sciences), 5 children from Prayog’s ‘baal bagicha’ would be participating in the Rural Immersion Programme (RIP) of Takshila Education Society, at Narendrapur in Siwan.

This programme will run for a week in the month of October, 2013 where around 500 school children from various parts of the country work together on various tasks assigned to them. At the end of the exercise, they develop a model for each of the social concerns they worked on as a team. Cultural activities, particularly SPIC-MACAY is also witnessed in the event.Prayog aims to provide exposure to the rural children and what better than this platform?


2 Comments on “Rural Immersion for Rural Youth

  1. Its great leap. Its going to be lifetime experience for the children. Rural immersion as such would not be new for them as they are rural kids, however interaction and camaraderie with urban peers would be significant. they got to know the world around.


  2. Thanks! Agreed, but there is significance of involving such students in rural immersion program. In our interaction with the rural youth, they as well lack in the understanding of panchayati raj system, and how various agents such as health workers, teachers etc are actually functioning. We do agree, at times one needs to assess one's own home through an outsider's perspective!

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