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An Attempt To Understand The Mid-Day Meal Tragedy In Chappra

An Attempt To Understand The Mid-Day Meal Tragedy In Chappra

It has been just few days that 23 children died in the mid-day meal tragedy in Chapra. Those who survived are still facing threats of poison and only time would reveal their health scenario as they grow up. What actually was meant to nourish the children, perished them.

Last month, I visited a Government middle school in Samastipur district of Bihar. The local ward councillor (elected representative) is a friend and he was getting phone calls by the headmaster to come to the school. When I noticed that the number of calls was more than 10 within a span of 2 hours, I asked him. He told me that today there is a cash distribution in school for dress materials. I went with him to the school just to see what happens in the event. I was shocked to see teachers carrying bundles of notes and distributing to the children, only after verification. Can anyone guess what would be the condition of those teachers? Why are there no accountants to carry forward the process of cash distribution?

Similarly, it is the duty of the headmaster/teachers to purchase items for preparing daily meals for the successful implementation of mid-day meal programme. They have to ensure the quality as well! And we say that the quality of education in rural schools should not be compromised.

We should be thankful to the ‘omni-present’ who saves our rural children, daily. We at PRAYOG are committed to the all round development of rural youth and provide them with all the resources and exposure.

PRAYOG started its initiative with the rural library ‘baal bagicha’ in Gopalganj. In October 2013, 5 children are to participate in a week long rural immersion program at Siwan. These children will be shortlisted based on their worldviews. They have been asked to write an essay on any of the below mentioned topics:

  • a letter to Mother Earth, thanking her for all the natural resources provided to us
  • the mid-day meal tragedy in Chapra. Your insights on mid-day meal and how can any such incidence be prevented in future
  • the world of your dreams
10 best essays would be selected and a debate competition would be followed.
I am waiting for their answers on the mid-day meal. Nothing much would be a more practical answer than what would be revealed by those who actually consume the meal. And children seldom say wrong. I shall update again via a new post when these activities are conducted on August 10 and 11.

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